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Define Beach:

A place of happiness. A place of peacefulness. A place to nourish your soul.

Some internet search engines define the noun, Beach: A shore of a body of water covered by sand, gravel, or larger rock fragments; especially near an Ocean. Oxford, defines beach similarly, but also includes a lake. Most people, when they think about a beach, they think sand in their toes on a seashore. Rightfully so, because that is the most destined place for humans to go. Beaches occur all throughout the world, and on any body of water: oceans, seas, gulfs, lakes, and even rivers. People flock to all beaches on all types of bodies of water. The majority of civilization has some sort of body of water near them for obvious reasons like food, water, freight, but also for mere pleasure. That’s why most deserts are in fact deserted. The energy that comes from a beach is magnificent, and has been fueling humankind for a very long time.

A beach embodies life, literally, there are thousands of plants and animals that call the beach “home.” It is home to many shore and sea birds. Yes, birds can be pests sometimes (mainly because humans feed them when we should not), but let these beautiful creatures be. Sea turtles nest on the beach, and some fish spawn on the beach too. Crabs, Crustaceans, and Isopods crawl in and out of sand holes conspicuously throughout the day. Another small living being, like beach mice, help keep sea dunes thriving. Some marine mammals even like to catch a tan and bathe in the stunning sun. I could go on with the species that reside in the beach’s ecosystem, but I don’t have enough time for that. Sadly, many of the listed creatures are endangered.

The human race has also called many beaches our home. To stay humane, we should protect ours and these creatures’ homes. I am not saying we should avoid the beach to protect it. We should venture to the beach as much as we can within this life we live. The more you go, the more you will understand how much harm is being done to our beaches. It is an honor to witness the magic and miracles of a beach. The smell of the beach and the fresh outdoors is proven to increases your mental well-being and reduce stress. Sea and fresh air are great for your respiratory system. Salt and fresh water replenish your skin too. Beaches are medicine for the soul.

Beaches and the life they bring are beautiful, sacred, and meant to be explored.

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