The Daunting and Beautiful Point Dumé

There I stood, gazing over a precipice, towering 100 feet over the boundless ocean. Jagged rocks striking outward toward the sea, as if trying to engulf the water that has beat upon their shore for thousands of years. But the gnashing rocks were acting in futility, for we understand the power of water, and like truth with time, it will eventually come to wash us all away. 

The cliff we were standing upon was Point Dumé, a promontory capping the northern end of Santa Monica Bay, and transitioning into the serene beauty of the Malibu coast. There the shore stretches onward for 27 miles, cast upon a backdrop of roaring mountains and tranquil valleys. This is a place that will make you feel insignificant in comparison to the looming creation around you. In fact, fear was the first reaction inside me as I stood at the top, a sense of being awe-struck, of immediately feeling miniscule against the backdrop of this massive landscape. Yet that deep sense of awe is what simultaneously moved to me to praise the moment – a moment in time where beauty stands untested by anything else. 

Tragically, it is only a moment, for a time will come where our trip ends, where the cliff stands no more, the beaches may be engulfed by the sea, and the hundreds of homes resting upon the sandy foundations of the shore will surely be taken along with everything else. But there we were, hiking along this moment, our hearts bursting with joy as we soaked it all in.

Beauty is a funny thing. We crave it. Not just in our spouses, but in almost every waking form of life. Weddings are a great example of this, moments of celebration, of love, promise, and hope; all things which we find treasurable and dear. Who doesn’t love to attend a wedding? So, it’s quite fitting as we reached the apex of our climb, we witnessed a proposal. Others who we will never meet or see again understood the beauty of this place so deeply they desired to etch it permanently into their own story.  

I’m sure there are a million more metaphors I could conjure to state what we witnessed. 

I’m without a doubt convinced the shores of California are some of the purest forms of paradise we may see on this planet. It’s not just the beaches, but every single park, every speck of wildlife, screams with the blistering joy of creation. 

I consider it a miracle we can witness these wonderful moments. More so, like the beauty of a relationship, we can care for and nurture the natural world around us. That my friend, is a miracle as well. For like the bees who live to serve their colony, or the ants who march onward for their queen, we have an even greater calling: to be gardeners nourishing the goodness around us.  And I assure you, the beauty we saw on this day was indeed just that, good. 


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